Revolutionize Your Recruiting Experience

Is there a doctor that you are interviewing to join your practice?
Are you ready to take the next step and invite them to your practice for a site visit?
Before you do, try:
BRIGHTER BAY VIP (Virtual Interview Program)

A new cutting edge service being offered by Brighter Bay to allow you to get the most out of your recruitment efforts. With this simple, reliable, and convenient service, you will save time and money, while further qualifying your potential candidates.

  • Brighter Bay will schedule and conduct virtual meetings between practice and candidate
  • Behavioral style interview which allows you to find out more about your candidate
  • Provides follow-up documentation
  • Practices will have the chance to see and speak to candidates before bringing them on site
  • Visit to practice will be more productive
  • Greatly increases the chances the candidate will take the position
  • Reduces expenses for airfare, hotel, and transportation
  • Saves time and speeds up recruiting process

One Time Flat Fee
No Contract Required
We provide all necessary technology to allow you to ensure you are hiring the right person for your practice with this proven program.